The Children of River Dell deserve a Quality Math Education!



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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dear Parents:

Have you noticed your child becoming  frustrated with the math program? The math program being taught in our schools is Everyday Mathematics, for grades K-5 and Connected Mathematics Project II for grades 6 and 7th grade starting in Fall,2010.  Everyday Math and Connected Math are known as reform/fuzzy and  standards based programs.  Reform Math is an experiement in Math Education.  Everyday Math has only been around for approximately 25 years. Connected Math even less.


Researching Everyday Math and Connected Math (CMP) on the Internet one will be startled to find mostly negative feedback from other parents across the country and mathematicians as well. (     States such as California and Texas, have found either/both programs to be lacking in teaching  basic skills needed for a strong foundation in math.  In 2007, the Texas State Board of Education banned Everyday Math for 3rd Grade due to its lack of emphasis of multiplication. To this day CMP1 & CMP2 are not on California's approved textbook list. In addition, Washington State, in 2008 evaluated 13 Middle and Elementary School Math Programs. Neither CMP2 nor Everyday Math were recommended. 

Reform/Standards based math programs call division, fractions, and decimals a waste of time since calculators are available.

Our children deserve a world class mathematics education that will prepare them for the global economy.  A math education that will enable them to study and become whatever they want to be. We need to follow the lead of states like California, Massachusetts, and Indiana who modeled their standards after some of the highest performing countries on international math tests: Singapore, Finland, Belgium, for example.

Please click on the links to learn more. Do your own independent research and decide for yourself.

 Thank you for your time.